Porsche Panamera: Be Wary Of Top Of The Range Hybrid Don’t Let It Fool You

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You might have thought that nothing would come close to beating the power, performance and styling of the Porsche Panamera but then you would be wrong. Porsche have been teasing about a new vehicle in development and it happens to be a new Panamera.

It seems that Porsche are not entirely finished with the vehicle that offers the V8 4 litre turbocharged engine offering 542 horses and 568 torque as it looks like there is a more powerful one, with back seats, heading our way.

The newer Panamera is said to offer a hybrid powertrain which is going to bring with it fuel economy that is better while at the same time enhanced performance and versatility. This news came from an insider, while they didn’t have the exact figures, it is suggested that it will come in the 700 horsepower range.

The Porsche Panamera on the market at the moment offers 542 horses and it has broken records out on the track, so we can only imagine what the Panamera hybrid is going to do when it arrives.

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