Porsche Mission E: Priced To Steal Panamera Buyers?

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The Porsche Mission E may be about to steal Panamera buyers away. The Panamera sedan along with the Cayenne and the Macan SUV are among some of the most popular vehicles from Porsche and they also help to fund the development of the 911 rear-engine sport coupe, the Boxster and the Cayman coupe and mid-engine convertible.

The smaller Porsche Macan utility vehicle comes under the bigger Cayenne SUV and Porsche has said that they have been considering a more affordable and smaller sedan to come in under the Panamera. The more affordable vehicle has the codename of Pajun and this is said to be short for Panamera Junior.

The Porsche Mission E all-electric sedan was unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show and it clouded the waters a little as while it took on the looks of a coupe, it is a sedan that offers four doors and the fastback roof.

But was this a third sedan or was it a variation on the Porsche Pajun that was supposed to come in conventional along with plug-in hybrid models? This is the question that has been going around and now we have the answer as it seems that the Porsche Mission E is actually the Pajun.

The CEO of Porsche said that the Porsche Mission E is going to have the four door sedan layout and more significant is the fact that it will have a price tag that comes in below the Panamera.

This means that we are expecting it to be priced in the region of $50,000 to $80,000. The Panamera in the US comes in at $85,000 and this is for the rear-wheel drive which comes with the V6 2.9 litre twin-turbocharged engine.

This may mean that the price tag of the Porsche Mission E will put the vehicle within the same price bracket as the Tesla Model 3 and Lucid Air, which come in at $60,000.

We already know that Porsche is targeting a 300 mile range along with 600 horses for the production version of the Porsche Mission E. Over the air updates are also given during the lifespan of the vehicle and it is thought that these will unlock more performance.

The Porsche Mission E should go on sale from 2019 in the initial markets.

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