Porsche Feeds The Cayenne Diesel To The Pigeons

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You might soon be able to pick up the Porsche Cayenne diesel for pigeon feed when the emissions fix has been approved as Porsche plan on selling 1,500 vehicles as used at dealers.

The Porsche Cayenne diesel models have been on the lots of dealers for over a year due to the stop sale order following the diesel emissions scandal of Volkswagen. At the moment they are waiting on approval of the repair and in November they managed to reach a deal with US regulators on the handling of the 3 litre diesel engines. However, a court must give agreement before anything happens.

When approval has been given Porsche will then fix the 10,000 units of the Porsche Cayenne that are already in customers hands and the 1,500 that are on the dealers’ lots. The latter will be sold off as used vehicles and will have low mileage and be a great buy.

So will you be picking up the Porsche Cayenne for pigeon feed once the court has signed off?