Porsche Cayenne Proves Ugly Has No Limits

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There really isn’t limit as to how far cars can go with ugly and the Porsche Cayenne is proof of this.

While you wouldn’t normally call the Porsche Cayenne ugly, it is when it has the lime green trim that is florescent. Of course if you are a fan of the rave scene from the 90s then you might disagree and love it.

Carlex Design worked on the Porsche Cayenne in Poland for an owner and fitted the vehicle out with fluorescent green on the inside. The lime green trim can be seen on the steering wheel, the gear shifter, air vents, speaker frames and also on the inside of the doors.

This is certainly a unusual look and depending on your taste it will either be a look that is plain ugly or one that stands out as something beautiful. The customisation has even extended to the seatbelts and the seat stitching.

The Porsche Cayenne does offer up a lighter platform along with touchscreen controls and it does have a more aggressive look but we are not at all sure about the lime green trim, but what about you?

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