Porsche Cayenne: 22k Just The Start

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The German authorities are coming down hard on those that had cheated on the diesel emission rates and the Porsche Cayenne is on that list. It was discovered that the Porsche Cayenne might have an emission defeat device and is now recalling up to 22,000 units of vehicles in Europe.

The affected models will be those that are powered by a 3.0-litre turbodiesel engine. According to the reports, a warm-up strategy will come only when the car is being tested limiting the emission of nitrogen oxide. The numbers will be much higher when the vehicle hits the road.

Porsche should be able to get this issue fixed in no time but some people believe that we might see more vehicles recall as Germany continues to test all the diesel powered models in the US.

22K is a small amount compared to a number of vehicles that Volkswagen had to recall when they were exposed.

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