Porsche Boxster Spyder Will Channel Its Inner GT3

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Talks about what Porsche will be offering under the hood of the next Boxster Spyder has been going on for years now and while Porsche has never confirmed any of the speculations or rumors, some people seem to think that they might already have an answer for it.

According to Autocar, the Porsche Boxter Spyder will be getting the GT3 engine when the time comes. The GT3 was offered with the 4.0-liter 500hp engine. Of course, the engine will most likely be downtune but it is still exciting nonetheless.

There were also talks that the GT3 might be done with the naturally aspirated engine but we will have to wait and see. The new Boxster Spyder is expected to arrive late this year although no actual date has been announced yet.

What do you think of this latest speculation? How close do you think they are or do you think Porsche will surprise us all with something else?

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