Porsche 911 Plug-In Hybrid: Two Is Better Than One?

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We knew that Porsche was working on a Porsche 911 Plug-in Hybrid model that would come in to sit in the middle of the range but Porsche later added that there is going to be a Porsche 991 plug-in hybrid model that is going to be the most powerful 911 we have ever had.

That made it seems like Porsche will have two different Porsche 911 plug-in hybrid model to offer which might sound great but it looks like Porsche is also worried that the powerful 911 would outshine the other models.

Based on what we know right now, the more powerful 911 plug-in hybrid model would outshine models like the Turbo S and Turbo S Exclusive with its new hybrid engine. Even with the disadvantage of carrying the heavy 550 pounds battery pack, the 911 plug-in hybrid could still perform better than the others.

That could be the reason why Porsche still has not decided if this is where they are taking the 911 in the future. What do you think?

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