Porsche 718 Says Goodbye To Turbo Lag Waste

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Many people don’t like turbocharged engines as they get turbo lag with them. Now Porsche has fixed this issue with the Porsche 718.

So just how did Porsche manage to fix an issue that drives people crazy with turbo lag? Well it seems that the issue was with the inlet wheels in the turbocharged engine opening and then closing mechanically and at low rpm they are almost closed and this means there is a narrow path. This helps with the acceleration of slow moving exhaust gas.

The fix is relatively easy on the Porsche 718 as the engine has a piece that is like an antenna and this is fitted in inlet and compressor and adjusts the vane position as many as 10 times each second and this ensures that the turbo lag is only minimal.

Porsche have said that the Porsche 718 and 911 Turbo are the only gas vehicles that are making use of this at the moment.

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