Pokemon Z: Should It Grow Up & Get Real?

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The Pokemon games have been around for some time now and other the years, we have seen new Pokemons, new Legendaries, new cities, region and characters but one thing that remains the same all these year is how light the game is.

We understand that the main audience of the game is the younger gamers but there are also a lot of us that has grown up with the game. After playing the Pokemon games for so many years, some of us are getting tired of the game and are hoping that the game Pokemon as a whole would just grow up.

Maybe change up the dialogue of the game so that it is less childish. We also would not mind a new story? We have heard the story of a young kid going on a journey to become a Pokemon Master so many times that we often skip past the front portion of the game.

Another change we would like to see is a new difficulty option. Since the game is catered to a younger audience as well as the die-hard fans why not offer two difficulty levels so that the younger audience get to enjoy the game while we still get to enjoy a game that is slightly more challenging.

What changes would you like to see happen?

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