Pokemon Z: Should It Grow Up & Get Creepy?

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Fans have been waiting for the Pokemon Z since forever, but they’re still holding on to the hope that they are going to grab it from the shelves soon. There have been so many rumours out there about the upcoming Pokemon gameplay and what we could expect out of it, but another question had arise: should it get creepy instead?

Sure, fans are to be expecting lots of new features to be included into the game, and it’s only natural for them to think that way. After all, it’s going to be the third year since the release of its predecessors the Pokemon X and Y, so Z coming out should be a very big of a deal. One thing that fans would be expecting to happen in Z is the inclusion of a new region, as opposed to Kalos where Pokemon X and Y took place before.

We’ve also heard that the upcoming Z would be focusing more on Zygarde and its five forms, and since Zygarde is said to bear a Core form, it’s literally incapable of movement and thoughts. And as it evolves throughout the game, it could transform into a monster that’s capable of moving as fast as 60mph and can make use of its fangs and movement to initiate any form of attack. So, that should be a start for being creepy, right?

We think it’s safe to say that we’d rather for Pokemon Z to go creepier than ever before for a change, as it could probably be attracting more potential fans who are interested to see something different, no?

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