Pokemon Z Release Date Nailed Down Hard

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There have been a lot of commotion going around the “Pokemon” brand lately, and we can’t ignore the fact that this particular title is getting the least attention, or so it seems. It’s the Pokemon Z and its attention have actually died down a bit lately.

But when a recent announcement that has claimed that the title could arrive sooner than we think, gamers took to the web to display their enthusiasm once again. Once again, everyone has been seen talking about the kinds of additions it could bring to the formula.

There isn’t any surprise for the fans that have actually gone “stale” with their eagerness for the game to be released, because after the launch of the widely successful Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, there was a very long silence about when the sequel could be coming out. At least we know now that there’s something we can actually look forward to, since it’s our best indication yet.

We wish we could actually give you a proper release date, but it’s still to be confirmed. Let’s just be hopeful that it’s going to happen this year though!

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