Pokemon Z Can Wait, It’s Time To Get Schooled

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Let’s just put aside anything related to Pokemon Z at the moment, because this is more exciting; this could just be one of the best ways to celebrate Pokemon’s 20th birthday.

Since the Pokemon Z‘s release date is still unconfirmed, perhaps diverting our attention to this would be a better idea. Pokemon fans around the world are celebrating it with their respective ways, but this red and white Pokeball vinyl that’s filled with classic tunes from Pokemon Red and Blue, as well as the original Pokemon anime is truly a masterpiece.

It’s a collector’s item made by Moonshake records, and they’ve certainly done an amazing job in making sure to put each and every track composed by Junichi Masuda for the original games on the record. Moreover, the vinyl’s cover is an interesting one too; crammed with many (perhaps all) of the original 150 Pokemon, alongside cameo appearances from other characters too.

If you’re interested to get yourself a copy of this collector’s item, make sure you’re within the 500 people to grab ’em since it’s really limited. And since it’s being priced reasonably at $49.95 on, you should be expecting these to get sold out really fast.

So nope, don’t think about the Pokemon Z for the moment. Just grab the vinyl record while it’s still fresh outta the oven!

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