Pokemon Z But No Z

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We have heard a lot of talk about the new Pokemon game and what that game might be called. There has been several suggestions and a lot of people don’t believe that the game is going to have the title of Pokemon Z.

4Chan recently made a post about the upcoming Pokemon game and they admitted that they don’t think it will be called Pokemon Z. At the same time they revealed that they don’t think that it will have the title of X2, Y2, YZ or XZ either. While they said what they didn’t think it would be called, they didn’t come up with a name that they thought it would be called.

The new Pokemon game is said to be offering 28 new Pokemon and it is thought that there will also be 50 Mega evolutions that are new too.

It is believed that the Pokemon game may be set in a new region around the Kalos region but there will not be any new regions added into the game and we shouldn’t expect a new starter Pokemon.