Pokemon Sword & Shield Shiny Zeraora Guide

Pokemon Sword & Shield players will have another free Pokemon to claim now. Thanks to the effort of trainers that managed to defeat the Mythical Pekmon Zeraora in Max Raids this month.

Players will be offered a free Shiny Zeraora although you can only be getting it through the Pokemon Home mobile version. From June 17 and the 6th of July, players will be able to claim the free Pokemon even if you did not take part of the raid.

From the Menu, you need to go to Mystery Gift and choose Gift Box and then Tap on the Pokemon in the Gift Box and Receive it. Players will also get a download code to claim a few Armorite Ore for Sword and Shield which are new items that were introduced into the game with the Isle of Armor expansion, one of the two expansion that the game will be getting this year.