Pokemon Sword & Shield New Event Live!

Pokemon Sword and Shield players will get to take part in the new Max Raid event now which will end on the 27th of April.

During the event, Gigantamax versions of Charizard, Duraludon, Copperajah, and Garbodor will be seen more often in Max Raid battles. For Sword players, they will be able to encounter five-star G-Max Duraludon and Copperrajah while Shield players will be able to encounter five-star G-MAX Charizard and Garbodor.

Since Gigantamax Pokemon are really hard to come by, these special raid events give players a chance to catch them and add them to their collections. For players that have not to claim the free items for the game, you still have some time to do so. Players will be given 20 Battle Points, a Bottle Cap, and three TR94s but they will need to claim them before the end of the month.