Pokemon Sword & Shield: More Details Drop This Week

Fans waiting to learn more about the upcoming new Pokemon Sword & Shield game will be happy to know that the developer will be dropping some new information about the game this week.

The Pokemon Company is looking to share more information about the game this week as they announce that there will be a new Galar Research Update video this week, Galar being the new region that we will be exploring this time around.

The video will be arriving on the 16th of October at 6AM PT. So far, we have already seen some of the new Pokemons in the regions, Galaraian Ponyta which will be exclusive to Pokemon Shield and Sirfetch’d, a Pokemon Sword exclusive Pokemon but there is still a lot that is still a mystery at this point.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch console on the 15th of November.