Pokemon Sword & Shield Max Raid Event Bring In Another Gigantamax Pokemon

The Pokemon Sword and Shield game will be getting the Gigantamax Toxtricty but that is not the only Gigantamax Pokemon they will be getting as it was announced that other G-Max Pokemon will also be appearing in the Wild Area.

One of the Pokemon that players might ee will be a new form of Kingler. The Gigantamax Kingler and Grimmsnarl will be appearing more often for Pokemon Sword players while the Shield players will encounter the Gigantamax Hatteren and Orbeetle. Gigantamax Toxtricity will appear in both games but the Sword version will be in its Amped Form while Shield players will get the one in Low Key Form.

Toxtricity will only appear from now until the 8th of March so don’t wait. Players also have a few more days to catch the Milcery with Gigantamax in Max Raids as that Pokemon will be gone on the 16th of February.