Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass Monsters Not Exclusive

The developer of Pokemon Sword and Shield has just made a few interesting announcements for the upcoming game including to big expansion that the game will get.

The expansions will come with some new Pokemons to collect but the good news is that players don’t need to buy the expansion to get the Pokemon. Nintendo reveals that a free update will also be released when the expansion arrives so all players are some the same playing field when it comes to trading.

That means if you don’t have the expansion, you can still get them by trading with other than have the expansion. Of course, with so many out there, it is a little difficult if you plan to get your friend to catch all for you but if there is some that you really like, you might be able to ask a favor from a friend that has the expansion without needing to pay for the full expansion.

The first expansion will arrive in June while the second expansion is set to arrive in the fall. Players can choose to get it with the expansion pass which will cost $30.