Pokemon Sword & Shield DLC: Which Old Pokemons Are Returning?

There will be two major expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield this year and fans can expect to see some of the familiar Pokemons make a comeback when the expansion arrives.

It was previously announced that some of the older Pokemons will not be coming with the new game but the developer has now announced that they will be adding 200 more Pokemons into the game this year. Of course, to actually see and catch them, you will need to own the expansion but the developer also procided players with a way around it just in case they do not want all the Pokemons.

It was added that the Pokemons can be traded to all players regardless of whether they have the exapnsion or not so you can always trade with yoru friend for a Pokemon that you really like from the new list of 200 Pokemons.

The first expansion, Isle of Armor is set to arrive in June this year with a new eponymous island.