Pokemon Sun & Moon: Recent Leaks Reveal Them All

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If you haven’t yet managed to get hold of the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo you might not want to read this as it reveals some spoilers. This is due to data miners having extracted a huge amount of information from the game. However, if you can’t wait to find out what the game offers then read.

Data miners have revealed that the demo of Pokemon Sun and Moon has files that reveal sprites of many Pokemon that have yet been unannounced and these include some of the final evolutions of starter Pokemon.

It seems that some of the hardcore Pokemon fans have known about the Pokemon for some time as the images that have now leaked look much the same as the ones that were leaked earlier on this year. Game Freak seems to have had big issues with keeping the game under wraps as lots of information seemingly got leaked well ahead.

What it does tell us is that the final evolution of Popplio is going to be great. The data miners also tell us that the majority of sprites in the demo of Pokemon Sun and Moon are in fact Shinies. These are Pokemon that come in colors that are rare.

We have also been treated to images of variations of Pokemon that we already know, for instance Pikachu wearing a hat. It also seems that the Ultra Beasts have been mined from the Pokemon Sun and Moon game and these may be a different category, with some saying they may be aliens. Miners found eight of these in the demo version of the game.

Alolan forms have been found and these are from the first generation. It was said that old favourites will take on new forms and this means you will be able to see forms such as Persian.

The Pokedex is said to contain about 800 Pokemon, however these are not all in the demo. Totem Pokemon are not viewable, there are also tropical monsters, including Starfish, and the pre-evolutions for legendries.

It didn’t take the hackers long as within hours of the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo going live the miners extracted information and they have said that there is a whole lot more to come.

The demon of Pokemon Sun and Moon was launched in North America at 10AM EST and already there are plenty of spoilers going around, while other people are busy trying to hack the game.

Do you have the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo yet?

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