Pokemon Sun & Moon Heading To Roms?

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Pokemon Sun and Moon is a very popular game but it seems that there are many fans of Pokemon who don’t own a Nintendo 3DS and they want to play the game. So will the game head to a ROM version?

Gamers would be able to download the ROM and use it with a Nintendo 3DS emulator and get free access to what has been one of the most popular games launched. However gamers wouldn’t be able to enjoy the online features of Pokemon Sun and Moon if they play on a ROM.

Gamers would only be able to play Pokemon Sun and Moon through the emulator but there have been a lot of people searching for a ROM online. Of course there are many out there that say they offer a ROM but they bring nothing more than software that will harm your computer. So if you are looking for a ROM be very wary.

We know of at least one person who bricked their computer by downloading what he thought was a Pokemon Sun and Moon ROM.

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