Pokemon Sun & Moon Has Just Gotten A Lot Easier To Manage

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If you want to make the best team in Pokemon Sun and Moon life has just got so much easier for you thanks to a new planning tool by the name of Pokemon Team Planner from Reddit user richi3f according to Polygon.

There are 800 Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon so this means managing them all it a great deal more difficult compared to the 151 that came when Pokemon first arrived on the scene.

The Pokemon Team Planner however helps you to keep track of any Pokemon that are available along with strategy. The planner features all of the Pokemon that are available when they are uncovered by data mining, there are also some filters that may be applied if the gamer wants to make a specific team.

Gamers can filter out the Pokemon that come from specific regions, along with different types and they may choose which generation to play with. If you want a team that consists of just generation 3 Pokemon then you can with the help of the planner.

The Pokemon Team Planner helps gamers to build the strongest team possible as it offers statistics and analysis of just what the team would be capable of. The planner tells you what type of Pokemon is weak, stronger and immune. It was made with information from the recent leaks and data mines and all Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon is included.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is out 18 November, so get yourself the Pokemon Team Planner and get a helping hand in building the best team.

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