Pokemon Sun And Moon Look Towards VR Future

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Pokemon Sun and Moon could end up being the first of the Pokemon games to enter into a full VR world as we have seen all the signs of this happening.

Just a month ago Nintendo showed a lot of interest in porting the Pokemon Sun and Moon game over to the next generation console, the Nintendo Switch. This of course is said to be going to take the place of the Wii UR and it will be compatible with VR.

This gives us an indication that Pokemon Sun and Moon could become a VR game and this is something that many people would like to see.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon graphics are just begging to be turned into a VR game as if you compare them to the ones seen in Pokemon X and Y, you can see that they have better textures along with measurements that are more realistic and the point of view is lower down.

Pokemon Sun and Moon graphics would be easily ported to the VR headset and this would allow the game to be turned into a full blown simulation and fans of the Pokemon games would love it.

At the moment nothing official has been said about Pokemon Sun and Moon being turned into VR but when the Nintendo Switch arrives in January maybe there will be clarification.