Pokemon Sun And Moon Gets Ready For VR

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One of the latest and best-selling games on the market is Pokemon Sun and Moon. This is the follow up game to Pokemon X & Y, which was also a best-seller.

Pokemon Sun and Moon isn’t vastly different to X & Y when it comes to gameplay elements, however it does come with a brand new plot and there are brand new Pokemon. Both of these elements have ensured that the game has become something of a craze among gamers.

One thing that does stand out with Pokemon Sun and Moon is the graphics of the game. The graphics have helped to make the game much more realistic than Pokemon X & Y ever was.

The large animatic heads have been fixed along with the characters having better proportions and this helps with the enhancement of the elements of simulation.

Pokemon Sun and Moon should be arriving on the Nintendo Switch when it makes its way out. We are looking to seeing the game be compatible with virtual reality.