Pokemon Rainbow: Supports All Regions?

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We’ve got the Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, and with Pokemon Z on the way, a little bit of Rainbow wouldn’t harm, right? That’s because Nintendo’s been having something up their sleeve; they are claimed to have been working on releasing a Pokemon game later this year with the “Rainbow” codename.

Sure, we’re all celebrating Pokemon’s 20th birthday, to each our own ways. And considering how much marketing Nintendo has spent on commemorating the overall success of the Pokemon series, it’s hard to take in if the company isn’t planning on releasing some new game to satisfy the quench of every possible fan that’s been waiting since their previous release in 2013.

But then again, we’re not entirely sure if Rainbow’s going to be out or not, because the unofficial title name is as far as we could get to know about the details revolving the “game”. There’s some report that suggest a supposed 3DS price cut, and that’s not helping much though, since it’s just merely hinting fans in awaiting for a new game.

Well, whatever it is, we’ll just have to take this with a great helping of salt this time around. We’ll tell you firsthand if Nintendo releases more details, but till then, stay tuned for more. We hope there’s more though.

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