Pokémon Minus The Z

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There has been a great deal of talk going around about what the new Pokemon game may be called. At the moment several suggestions have been going around and one of these was that it could be called Pokemon Z. Others have said that it may not have the Z in it though.

4Chan posted about the Pokemon game and they said that they thought the Z may be missing from the title of the game. They also stated that perhaps it wouldn’t be called X2, Y2, XZ or YZ, however they didn’t say what they thought it would be called.

It has been said that the new Pokemon game should offer up 28 new Pokemon and we are also expecting to see 50 new Mega evolutions too.

Some people have said that the Pokemon game may be in a new area of Kalos but we should not expect to see a new region and there are not going to be any brand new starter Pokemon in the game.