Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevie Will Make Caves Fun Again?

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Ask any Pokemon game fans and they will tell you that the worst part about playing the classic game is the caves. Well, The Pokemon Company is clearly aware of that since they made the changes to the new Let’s Go game on Switch.

Caves are annoying mainly because you will just keep encountering Pokemon after Pokemon and after some time, it can get pretty frustrating especially when you are just trying to find your way out. You can use repel but every step will cost you.

Demos of the new Let’s Go games show that wild Pokemon will only appear in the overworld so players now have the choice to engage the Pokemon or not. Of course, there will still be some spawn and those can’t be avoided but it won’t be that frequent or annoying.

The demo also showed that they changed up the story a little. Not enough to change the outcome but different enough that older players won’t know what to expect at every turn.

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