Pokemon Go: What Role Does Starbucks Have In It?

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Thanks to Starbuck gamers found out that Niantics were releasing a brand new set of Pokemon for the Pokemon Go app but what people wanted to know was what role Starbucks had to play in any of it.

Niantics now said that the new Pokemon are going to be added into the game soon and we now have a much clearer picture of what role Starbucks played. On 8 October 7800 shops in the US were turned into a PokeStop or Gym.

To ensure that the customers going to Starbucks got the full experience of Pokemon Go the drinks place also came up with a new drink with Pokemon in mind. The drink was called Pokemon Go Frappuccino and it was a vanilla bean Frappuccino with freeze dried blackberries and raspberry syrup, finished off with whipped cream.

Whether it brought new customers to both Starbucks and Pokemon Go we don’t know.

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