Pokemon Go Update Makes Visuals Much Easier

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Visuals have now been made that much easier following the update to Pokemon Go which has come out for the iOS and Android versions of the game.

Niantic unveiled a Halloween event recently also and this doubles the amount of candy that trainers can receive. Along with this gamers can also encounter Halloween themed Pokemon a lot more in various regions.

The update brings with it many changes to the way that Eggs are hatched in the Pokemon Go game. The update also brings with it many minor text fixes. Niantic said that eggs have different patterns and these would depend on the distance required for hatching them.

This of course isn’t a huge feature; however it is good that the eggs are in fact going to be shown in different colors which depend on the distance that is needed to hatch them. This makes the visual a great deal easier on the eye and it may help gamers choose which of the eggs they will hatch first.

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