Pokemon Go Update A Little Too Late

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The last Pokemon Go update definitely did not go the way Niantic wanted it to go. It all started with the Pokemon Go fest where Niantic reveal their new Raid battle along with the Legendary Pokemon.

Things started out rough as Niantics had to deal with server issues and the players from all over the world started reporting some bugs with the app after the update. Well, after more than a week of trying to deal with all the bugs, Niantics has finally released the new update for the app.

The new Pokemon Go update will help fix some of the patches including the motivation decay bug for Pokemons that are less than 3000CP. The issue with the app freezing when the Pokemon consumes potions too quickly should also be fixed. Niantics also fix the Raid Battle freezing issue when all 6 Pokemons are defeated.

The best part of it all is that Niantics will be bringing Spark back. Instinct trainers were not too happy when Niantics removed him and petition to bring him back.

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