Pokemon Go: Two More Days For Ice Legendary

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If you have yet to capture your won Regice, you only have two days to do so as the Gen 3 Legendary Pokemon will be leaving the game this week on the 19th of July.

Regice was released last month and Niantic is ready to take it out of the game which means if you have not captured the Legendary Titan, you will need to do it now. Since this is an Ice-Type Pokemon, it will be vulnerable to Fire Rock, Steel, and Fighting-type Pokemon so using those will make battle and beating the Legendary Pokemon easier.

Since Regice is part of a trio, we should be seeing the other two Legendary Titan soon as well but Niantic has not announced when they will be appearing in the game. As part of the Global Challenge, players will also get a chance to capture Zapdos once more on Zapdos Day which is on the 21st of July.

Niantic has also announced the next Community Day event which will be on the 11th of August and this time, the featured Pokemon will be Eevee.

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