Pokemon Go: Trading Feature Finally Here

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One of the key features in the classic Pokemon games is the trading feature where fans can trade their Pokemon. While it was hinted that it would be available for the mobile game Pokemon Go when the game was first announced, it was not part of the game when it finally arrived.

Well, after years of waiting, fans will finally get to trade now as Niantic confirmed the feature during a meeting at E3 this year. According to Niantic, Trading will arrive soon and that players will definitely be able to trade with one another when the Chicago’s Pokemon Go Fest 2018 starts.

That means we should be seeing it in less than a month because the event starts on the 14th of July. There is also a new Friend system and these will be tied together. Players will be able to send friends gifts and more. The goal here is to increase the friendship level so that it cost less stardust to trade Pokemon.

This is just part of the features that Niantic will be introducing to the game as they promise that there will be more to come.

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