Pokemon Go: Third Legendary Titan Released

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Pokemon Go players got their chance to capture Regice and Registeel and now, they will get to try and capture Regirock, the final titan trio which will be appearing in the game from now until the 20th of September.

As with all the other titans, tRegirock has high defensive stats but since it is a Rock-type, you can work around it by using a certain type of Pokemon. Pokemon types that would be strong against the Rock-Type Legendary will include Grass, Water, Ground, Fighting, and Steel type.

Besides Regirock, players can also capture Celebi as part of the Special Reseach questline which will start on the 20th of August. Niantic will also have their final Safari Zone event in Japan to mark the end of their Pokemon Go Summer Tour 2018. The event will start on the 29th of August and will go on until the 2nd of September in Yokosuka, Japan.