Pokemon Go: The Real Release Coming This Summer

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The Pokemon Go app was released last year but a lot of fans felt like the app was not the Pokemon Go app that Niantics has promised in the beginning as it was missing some key features highlighted in the trailer.

Features like the PVP battle as well as the legendary Pokemon catches were some of the key points in their trailer but those were not in the app when Pokemon Go arrived last year.

Niantics promised at that time that those features will eventually be added into the app and it looks like we might be closer to getting them now. New reports are suggesting that we might finally get our first batch of legendary Pokemon this summer as Niantics hinted that their 1-year celebration is going to be ‘Legendary”. Fans are hoping that they will finally get to catch Mew and Mewtwo but others think that Niantics might only include the three legendary birds for now.

It is also believed that Niantics might add in the PVP feature this summer as well. We do not know if this is going to be enough to bring the fans back but at least they are delivering what they promise.

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