Pokemon Go Team Rocket Special Research Could Uncover Their Hideout

Niantic added Team Rocket in the game to spice things up and now that players have gotten used to seeing Team Rocket on the map, the developer will be adding more to it.

The previous teaser showed three new mysterious Team Rocket characters that will be coming our way and now Professor Willow seems to have more information about the team. According to the latest report by Professor Willow, a strange metallic object that the Grunts have been dropping is used by them to take over the PokeStops and it may be used to track down their whereabouts.

It was added that the Professor is working on something that will allow them to track down Team Rocket’s hideout. Dataminers also uncovered the new Special Research questline called “Looming in the Shadows” that suggests that the goal would be to lead us to Cliff, Arlo, and Sierra, the mysterious trio.