Pokemon Go: Team Rocket Bosses Added Into The Game

Niantic has been teasing fans about possibly getting some new Team Rocket related update soon and now we finally know what they have been working on.

The previous teaser image showed shadowy figures with the R logo on the side. It was now revealed that those are the three new members of Team Rocket. On Twitter, we learn that Cliff, Arlo, and Sierra are their names but they did not reveal how the arrival of these characters will affect the game.

There were also teasers suggesting that we might also see Giovanni get added to the game soon as Niantic has been teasing that for some time but we will have to wait and see what Giovanni’s arrival will mean.

No date was given as to when these new Rocket members will be seen in the game but new details seem to be arriving closer than before which means we might not be too far away from the release.