Pokemon Go Still Hanging In There

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With all the issues the game had in the beginning, a lot of people thought that the Pokemon Go craze would die down fast but it is clear now that the game still has a huge following.

One of the biggest mistake that Niantic made, in the beginning, was overpromising fans on the kind of features that they can expect from the app when the app is released. Most of the main features like battling, trading and more were not in the app when they first release it and fans were quick to point out how boring the app was compared to what was promised.

Niantic has since been working hard to add new features to the game. They also tried to keep things interesting with events and missions and it looks like the fans are finally ready to give them another chance. Players have noticed and more and more people are coming out to take part in events like the Community Day event and more.

What do you all think of the Pokemon Go app now?

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