Pokemon Go: Sinnoh Region Starter Pokemons Confirmed

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Pokemon Go players will get to go out and start catching new Pokemon once more as Niantic prepares to release Pokemon from the Sinnoh region into the game.

The announcement was made using a new trailer which showed us Turtwig, Chimcar as well as Piplup. The trailer ended with a pair of mysterious eyes, while Niantic did not announce what they Pokemon is, most people have already figured out that it is most likely Giratina, the Legendary Pokemon from the Sinnoh region.

Besides these new Pokemon, fans can also look forward to the upcoming Psychic Spectacular event which will allow players to capture more psychic type Pokemon like Abra, Ralts, Baltor, and Slowpoke. This will be happening on the 14th of October.

The October Community Day event will be happening on the 21st of October and this time, the Pokemon will be Beldum.

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