Pokemon Go: Shiny Pikachu Spotted

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Shiny Pokemon has always been a thing in Pokemon games and now Niantic will also be offering it in their Pokemon Go app.

In conjunction with the Summer Celebration in Japan, Niantic has also released the shiny Pikachu. The shiny version of Pikachu will only be available in Japan so remember to open the app and try looking for it if you are in Japan.

Based on what we have been seeing, the shiny Pikachu will come with a slightly darker yellow colour. The Raichu that you get from the Shiny Pikachu will also have an off-color.

We do not know how long these shiny Pikachu will be available. We also don’t know if Niantic plans to release any more shiny Pokemon in the future. The last few events did not go so well for Niantics but the Summer Celebration seems to be going as exactly as planned.

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