Pokemon Go: Shine Bright Like A Diamond

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In conjunction with the Johto Festival event which increases the spawn rate time for all Johto exclusive Pokemon, Niantic will also be releasing six shiny version of the Gen 2 Pokemon to the game.

According to the tweet, Pokemon like Natu and Sunkern will have a shiny version. Pineco was added later. Evolve those three and you will have the shiny version of Xatu, Sunflora, and Forretress. One of the reasons why shiny Pokemon are so hard to find is because you can’t actually see that it is shiny from the map.

They don’t spawn the same for all players so while the Pokemon might be shiny for you, it might not be for your friend even though both players click on the same Pokemon at the same exact location. One way to see if it is shiny or not is to take note of the color. Shiny Pokemon usually have a different color scheme. Pokemon Go also adds a small sparkle animation to the screen when you first see them.