Pokemon Go Release Date: Case & Point For Twenty-Seventh

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It would make total sense if Pokémon GO is to be released on the 27th February, because that would mark 20 years since the game was first introduced back in 1996 on the same day. There’s no denying that the date has become increasingly popular as it’s not surprising if the company wants to celebrate their anniversary.

But just how much is it going to be our best indication yet? There’s a few things that actually links the game and the date together. For starters, Game Freak references the anniversary regularly when talking about Pokémon GO, and what’s more, the next Ingress Anomaly is set for 27th February too.

Moreover, the next Ingress Anomaly that coincides with the anniversary of the Pokémon series has a primary site in Rio de Janeiro. Does it ring a bell yet? That’s because in Pokémon’s recently-unveiled Super Bowl commercial that was released to celebrate the series’ anniversary, was filmed in Rio de Janeiro too. How many coincidences can you get?

What are your thoughts about the 27th February release date? Legit, or not?

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