Pokemon Go Pokedex Expanding This Week

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Now that the fans of Pokemon Go have enjoyed having the Gen 2 Pokemon around, Niantic felt like it was time to bring in more Pokemon specifically the Gen 3 Pokemon.

According to the reports, 50 new Pokemon will be introduced to the app later this week and that this will only be the first wave. Niantics plans to bring a total of 130 new Gen 3 Pokemon to the game so look forward to more to come.

Besides the new Pokemon, we can also expect to see a few new feature including the new “dynamic weather feature which will track the weather of your location and reflect it in the app. So if it is snowing in your area, it will snow in the app as well. The weather will also affect the type of Pokemon in your area and the Pokemon of the type will also be stronger.

The weather will also affect your battles at gyms. We do not know when the update will arrive but it should not be too long now.

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