Pokemon Go: Next Community Day Pokemon Revealed.

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Fans got the chance to capture the shiny Squirtle in the last Community Day event and now they are ready to learn more about what the next event will have to offer.

According to Niantic, the next event will be on the 11th of August and like the previous event, there will be an encore on the 12th of August for those that missed out on it the first day. August featured Pokemon will be Eevee.

Besides getting the chance to capture a Shiny Eevee, the Pokemon should also get a special move although Niantic has not revealed what that special move will be. Since Eevee can evolve into so many other types, it will be interesting to see if Niantic will do something different with that or just offer all forms the same special move.

On top of that, there will also be in-game bonuses, extra Stardust and more. While waiting for the next Community Day event, players can also look forward to the Global Challengers that will be available during the Pokemon Go Fest happening in Chicago.

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