Pokemon Go: Next Community Day Pokemon Leaked!

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While we already know the date of the next community day event, Niantics have not revealed the name of the Pokemon yet but it looks like some data miners might have already had the answer ready for us.

Data miners found the move Meteor Mash in the code after the last update and since that move is not available in the game right now, some people think that it could be the move for the next community game event.

We know that Meteor Mash is the signature attack of Metagross, the Steel/ Psychic Type Pokemon. If this is true, the next Pokemon for the event could be Beldum, Metagross’s initial form. Since it is one of the harder to find Pokemon, having it appear for frequently for three hours would be a nice treat for the fans. They will also get the chance to catch a shiny version of the Pokemon too.

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