Pokemon Go New Mythical Pokemon Teased

Niantics have recently announced that they will be bringing back a few Legendary Pokemons to the game but that is not all as Niantics have now hinted that we might see a few new Mythical Pokemons as well.

On their official Pokemon Go Twitter page, the developer shared an image of what looked like fossilized footprints with the caption suggesting that some Mythical is coming our way. While they did not reveal what Pokemon it will be, fans have already guessed that it is probably Geesect, the Bug and Steel Type Pokemon from Pokemon Black and White.

No word on when the Pokemon will actually arrive but for now, players can still try and capture some of the Legendaries in the game including Thundurus, Registeel and Cresselia as players prepare for the Go Battle League’s inaugural season.

The March Community Day event date has also been announced.