Pokemon Go New Mythical Pokemon Confirmed

Niantic teased that a new Mythical Pokemon will be added to the game this week. Based on the teaser image, fans have already predicted that the new Pokemon would be Genesect and now Niantic has officially confirmed that.

The Pokemon will be added to the game as a Special Research event which means players will need a virtual ticket to get a chance to get it. The new quest, A Drive to Investigate will start off at 8 pm local time on the 20th of March and will end on the 26th of March at 10om.

The virtual ticket can be purchased at the Pokemon Go in-game ship for $8 USD. The ticket will give you access to the Special Research task that will eventually end with you encountering Genesect.

If you don’t get the ticket, you will have a chance to catch the Mythical Pokemon through the EX Raids which will be happening in April