Pokemon Go New Field Research Coming Soon

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Niantic will continue to release new content for the game to keep the fans engage and for the month of July, they will be releasing a few more field research task for their players.

This time, the field research will revolve around Pokemon from the Kanto region. They did not reveal what the research will be offering but their tweet did have an image of Snorlax so that could be the first clue.

Some reports claim that we will be seeing Ditto, Pikachu, and Eevee as well. We also do not know what reward will be offered to those that manage to reach a Research Breakthrough. Past Breakthroughs gave players a chance to capture Legendary Pokemon so this should be something along that line as well.

Niantic recently also introduced the new trading and friends feature along with a few new Alolan forms. The next Community Day event will feature Squirtle.