Pokemon Go New Events Starts This Week!

Niantic wants to keep their Pokemon Go fans feeling like they constantly have something to do in the game and for this month, it will be the new Supereffective Week event that has already started right now.

Starting from now until the 26th of November, players will be able to encounter more Pokemons that are more effective against Team Rockets and other trainers. Players will also get two times more Stardust in trainer battles now while PokeStops will be dropping more Potions and Revives during the event.

Players will also get a chance to encounter a Shiny Tentacool in the wild during the event. Once this event has ended, players can look forward to seeing Terrakion make its debut in the game. The Legendary Pokemon is the second member of the Swords of Justice trio after Cobalion which is available right now. Terrakion will stay in the game until the 17th of December.