Pokemon Go: Never Before Seen Pokemon Revealed?

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So far, all the Pokemon that were in the Pokemon Go games were from the original game but Niantic has just brought out a brand new Pokemon called Meltan.

Fans of the game were confusing when they started seeing the Pokemon after the Community Day event. THose that managed to capture it revealed that it would turn into a Ditto or another Pokemon. There was a lot of speculation on what it could be but luckily, the Pokemon Company now has an answer for us.

According to The Pokemon Company, the new Pokemon is a new species called Meltan. In the new trailer, it showed Professor Willow discussing with Professor Oak about Ditto appearing as an unidentified Pokemon. Professor Oak then added that he has seen the Pokemon in ancient texts before and reveal that it is called Meltan.

Classified as the Hex Nut Pokemon, Meltan is a Steel-type Pokemon. Its arms and legs can be used to corrode and absorb metal and it can also generate electricity.

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