Pokemon Go: Mystery Bonus Reward Hinted

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Niantic has been doing a great job ensuring that there is always new content and new updates for their Pokemon Go game.

The developer has just announced the new Global Research Challenge where players taking part in their local event are tasked to complete 100,000 research task each while the rest of the world will have to complete a total of a 15million task.

These will unlock bonuses from increased XP to extra stardust but besides these unlocks, there is going to be other unlocks but the rewards have not been announced yet.

Then there is the grand prize which will now be called the “ultra bonus unlock”. That will be triggered if everybody across the world hits all their goals. There were some theories that this ultra bonus could be Mythic Pokemon or maybe unlocking some Gen 4 Pokemon.

Whatever the case is, it is clear that Niantics is working hard to make sure their fans are kept entertained.